Friday, May 28, 2010

just an update.

i'm in florida.
which means numerous things. the bloggy important one is that i have access to the internet. and for the past three hours-ish have been catching up on my blog reading, facebook and other useless time-suckers.

it's amazing how much i actually get done with no internet in my house.

of course, it's raining. because it was supposed to be a weekend to lounge at the pool. but more because my aunt brings bad weather. we were supposed to go to the beach a day, but that nasty oil spill spoiled those plans.

amely is here with us, but since samil has to pay for his plane ticket and they were pretty pricey, he gets to stay with papi this weekend.

i'm excited to be here. to rest and relax and catch up with family.
and drink rum and cokes by the pool. if it ever stops raining.

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