Sunday, May 30, 2010

you never know...

amely and i spent ALL DAY on thursday in airports or on planes. no lie. we left the house at 6 for a 8:40am flight to miami, a three hour layover in MIA, a 45 minute jump to orlando and then the longest wait ever.

and a side note. orlando is a huge airport. but i kind of freaked out. and i was so nervous i called my dad collect to make sure i was in the right place. because i kept checking the flight boards and my mom and aunt's flights were not on there! how could i be in an airport that only gets flights from continental and american? is this a special airport? nothing disney? this is orlando? no worries. i was missing the tram to the terminal and once i figured that out (thanks, dad!) i was in disney central!

so, i crossed that tram and sat in the airport for four hours. well, more than four hours, but whatever. i sat in the food court, by the coolest fishtank ever. and listened to people talk.

and really, you should watch what you say in an airport because you never know who is listening. like the couple who was talking about their explicit sexcapades, the stupid girl talking about her sisters (elicit) affair... and so much more.

i got a good laugh out of some of it, but some just made me feel bad and other stuff just shouldn't be talked about in a public place.

so. watch your mouth when you're out. you never know who's listening.

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Erin said...

My grandma taught me to love people watching in airports. I always wonder if people are coming or going, and I make up little stories to entertain myself about why they are traveling and what happens during said travels. It's a great way to kill time!