Tuesday, June 8, 2010

oh how time flies!

I can hardly believe I’ve been out of high school for ten years already. It seems like yesterday that we roamed the halls, skipped classes and did as little schoolwork as possible. That was senioritis, right?
I’m not really a reminiscent kind of person. I can’t sit around remembering that time when… or wonder what would happen if I had… There was this boy my freshman year who was into me, and I blew him off ALL THE TIME. What if I hadn’t? Sophomore year I was really mean to someone really nice. Luckily it worked out in the end, but what if it hadn’t? Junior year I went to Japan and wanted to go back. Should I have pursued that? Senior year I slacked off, let a lot of my responsibility slide by. Remember how we used to sleep in the office instead of working on the newspaper?
Ten years. That warrants a little reflection, I suppose. I don’t actively keep in touch with anyone from high school. Sometimes I catch up when I’m back in the neighborhood, run into someone in a bar or at the mall. I don’t even facebook with people from high school. Here and there little reminders of that life pop up, we laugh and smile at those memories. But that’s all they are – memories.
I don’t know if they even planned a reunion. The class of ’99 did and had all types of fundraisers to make money for it. I think the class of ’98 had a reunion, too. Though, leave it up to the leadership that was my student government (two of the “leaders” falsely accused a beloved teacher of sexual harassment because he failed them… because they were stupid, not because they wouldn’t put out… because they would), there probably won’t be anything.

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