Saturday, June 12, 2010


How many posts can I get out of a five day visit to Florida? Probably a lot. Especially considering that my real life is so boring and mundane that it’s not worth even writing about. And more so now that I’m on vacation in the house – doing laundry, dishes, cleaning and painting with the kids. Not so many exciting posts about that, huh?
We went to dinner at this quaint little Italian place. There was supposed to be a Tiki Bar party for Memorial Day, but it was raining (the by product, apparently, of travelling with my Aunt Lisa) so the party was cancelled. We ate. I had delicious Amaretto cheesecake because cheesecake, REAL cheesecake, is non-existent here. Sometimes you see the frozen mini-cakes in the big supermarket, but they’re not the real thing. I digress.
Remember that key? The fancy little memory stick looking thing for the sexy mini-van rental? It stopped working. We tried every trick in the book to get the stupid doors to click open to no avail. The local police were called, the rental agency was called. Nothing.
I was playing with the stupid thing when my aunt realized I had found a secret key that popped out. A secret key! On a stupid electronic opener! This technology never ceases to amaze me.
Luckily, the ignition worked even though the key wouldn’t open the doors and we made our way home. I was a little worried that on Monday, when I was alone with the car and the baby and without a cell phone, the stupid thing still wouldn’t work. Alas, the next time we left the house (for an important shopping trip; more on that in another post) the opener and ignition key worked without a problem.
I don’t know, I think I’m starting to be with my mom on the simplicity in cars. I’d rather have no automatic windows or locks and a regular old key than to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a techno-savvy car any day.

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