Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wooden chair.

awhile back we looked around for plastic kids' chairs. samil was pretty young and we needed a place for him to sit. amalio found these plain wooden chairs with goat skin seats for super cheap. only 100 pesos (about 3USD) for a perfect, sturdy little chair. we only had samil, so he only got one. fast forward two years. amely was fast approaching her chair-sitting days, so amalio set out to find new chairs. only 20 pesos more than they were two years ago, he brought home two.

they are just plain chairs - made out of crude (though splinter-less) wood and an animal skin seat.

the first one i painted with some acrylic paints i had lying around. it's pretty beaten up now, but i think it's withheld some abuse in its lifetime.

this is amely's chair. it's amely's because it's got more pink than anything else. i only have a few acrylics lying around and pink was most abundant. i did get some blue after i finished this, so i'll make samil a predominantly blue one as soon as i have some time to sit down and finish it (after they go to bed, of course!)

it's things like these that i LOVE about the dominican republic. good quality, handmade goods for good prices. and these chairs were made out of scrapwoods that couldn't be used for other projects and the seat cover is made from animals that were killed for food. less waste. perfect.


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