Tuesday, February 15, 2011

all good plans.

so i had this great plan for keeping up with my blog... and then i had to change my work schedule and my free hour went out the window.

i've been pretty busy since we returned to the dominican republic, but not so busy that i'm insane. i've been working on the tutoring (and doing pretty well for myself, if i might add) and getting into schooling samil and amely. plus, we're getting a mom's group up and running and i'm trying to get more involved around where we live.

i'm amazed at how much the kids are assimilating from the activities we do together. i'm also reaffirmed everyday about our decision to a) keep samil at home as long as we have (it's pretty anti-culture here) and b) not to work full time. i see a direct correlation between his behavior and how well he behaves when i'm at work. raising kids with values and manners, i think, is hard but definitely worth the extra effort.

i'm actually in a tutoring class now, so i am going to cut short with the hope of actually updating this soon.

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