Wednesday, February 23, 2011

caring boy.

This picture is pretty typical samil. see the looks on the girls' faces? like "what is this kid doing!?"
he loves his sister with a passion. and most girls littler than him.

on saturday, he went to the university with his dad and when a lady bought him a bag of chips, he insisted (and by insisted, i mean threw a tantrum) because "where are amely's chips?"
yesterday, a friend came by to see him and brought a lollipop. before he even accepted his, he made sure there was one for his sister.

yesterday, samil had a little surgery. in and out (because i don't want to re-tell the craziness of the day, let's just assume that the healthcare system here works well). and luckily he's got my genes, because he hasn't cried or whined more than necessary (we all know how some guys get when they're sick).

this morning, he cried a little when he peed, asked for some ice... and then.
went back in the bathroom to help amely flush her "pees" down the toilet.
do i have a selfless kid or what?

(oh and amely is potty training herself, if she keeps at it i won't have to do any work at all... score.)

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Erin said...

I love that Samil loves his sister sooooo much! Kudos to you on teaching him to be so selfless. Hope he recovers quickly!!