Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the metrosexual.

last week i had to infringe on the sanctum of masculinity. samil got it in him that he wanted a haircut.

this kid never wants a haircut.

and since he has nice hair, we let him go with it. but, in an attempt to nourish the desire to shave his head, we jump on every chance we get to take him - tearless - to the barber shop.

and by we, i mean amalio. or my brother-in-law, isaias.

but, samil got the need and the schedule was hectic. so i got to take him.

now, in my defense, i went at 10am, thinking we'd get in and out before any other customers were awake. um, no. we got a number, and had to go back. at noon. on a friday. to a full shop.

i took my iPod, you know, out of respect for the men and their special place. really, though, they just talked about basketball. boring.

but, what impacted me was the list of services. haircut, haircut with shape-up, shave. haircut AND a shave.

eyebrows. manicure.


i love that title metrosexual that's so popular in magazines. is he gay? is he metro? how about, is he latino?

because i think the latins have the market. straight jeans, polished shoes, button front shirts. eyebrows and manicures at the barbershop.

move over, metro.
spanish is sexier.

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Erin said...

This post made me laugh out loud... for real! It reminds me of a song that was in the Leagally Blonde musical called "Gay or European," which touched on some of these same things. Hilarious!