Tuesday, June 5, 2012

political opinion.

i'm not one to get too involved in the political mess that happens in this country every four years, but sometimes i get stuck in conversation about it. it's always important to be prepared for those inevitable moments, right?

the political situation here is... blatantly corrupt. í know that corruption is prevalent in many places in the world, but here, it's just so... transparent.

the mayor of santiago was voted in two years ago, based on a campaign that promised to rid santiago of trash. at the time, the former mayor had been slacking in the trash-removal department (and apparently many other departments as well). two years later, santiago is inundated with garbage because new mayor isn't paying the trash-collectors.

it's all a cycle. and it's common. and in order to avoid the headache of worrying about something that is not really my problem, i ignore it.

now, i pass by this wall every day, and occasionally things get spray painted that catch my attention.
 this one is my favorite - it says "the bitches to power, the sons are already there" - a cute play on how many people feel like those in power here are just sunofabitches. the phrase translates literally to the sons-of-whores.

if the politicians weren't so damaging, they'd make us laugh.
so true.

there was also some poster wall-art stuck around the city that said "nuestros suenos no caben en sus urnas" - our dreams don't fit in your ballot boxes - and how true is that?

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