Monday, June 4, 2012

three candles.

today is amely's birthday. she wants pizza, cupcakes and birthday hats, please. but most importantly, she wants a song. and for everyone to sing her happy birthday to me.

three years ago today, this precious little girl came into our lives - and has filled us with a joy we never knew. girls are, after all, very different from boys.

 she hasn't slept since she was born, and sometimes i think'it's just that she has too much to do. she's moving and shaking and dancing and laughing she is expressive and dramatic (don't know where that came from at all. ha).
 and to be sincere, there were times when she was just born that we didn't think she'd be long with us. the kid weighed 8lbs for three months. but she's here, and we cherish that, even if she's coloring on walls, hitting her brother or throwing things. difficult, sometimes, but so worth it.
she recently told us she wants to be a model, because "mami, i'm so pretty pretty pretty."and she is. but she's got more for the world than just good looks. (i might want to lay off the America's Next Top Model re-runs!)

Happy Birthday, Princesa! Te queremos.

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