Saturday, June 30, 2012

bugs, galore.

we've always got something in the house - if it's not moths, then it's lizards. no lizards? mosquitos, ants, roaches, flying ants, bees, wasps.

we're packing up the apartment and getting ready to move to a new place next week (more on that to come) and i'm trying to take as few buggies as possible from our old place to the new. gross, i know, but it's the tropics and you  get used to different things. (roaches and maggots still creep me out and i don't think that will ever change)

i found this nest attached to the outside (thank god) of one of our suitcases. it's been in the dark (moist, i'm sure) closet for about 7 months now. it's perfectly made the circles are all the same size. i sprayed it with some off (sorry, rebecca, vinegar just didn't seem like it would do the job!) and scraped it off with some scissors.

it was hard, with a texture similar to recycled paper.
when i flipped it over, it looked like there had been bug coccoons inside (i know that's not the real term... help me out here) 

anyone know what this is? i've seen them before but never in my house. and i can't figure out what kind of bug would house in it.


Erin said...

OMG! That's SO gross! I've encountered a lot of "firsts" in the bug world since moving down here. I should totally do a post about it too!

Anonymous said...

mud wasp nest

jewel said...

Time to add another prayer request to the list... I'm not sure what heading it will go under.. maybe Creature avoidance.

Stinger said...

Mud Dauber, the adult flying wasps captures spiders and then stings the spider to paralyze it. The baby larva then eats the spider, the hole is then made to escape and begin the cycle anew.

Mud Daubers are really quite good, then eat spiders. So just leave them be and they will get rid of other pest.

Anonymous said...

Yep, dirt daubers we called them in Bama. They look scary, but they're your allies in the fight against those 8 legged demon spawns of Satan called spiders....*shudder*