Monday, July 2, 2012


Dinosaurs have arrived in Santiago. 

The Jurassic Park (Bosque Jurasico) exhibit that drew crowds in Santo Domingo, in very Dominican fashion, headed north to see if they could continue their success. It happens a lot here - whenever an exhibit/park/circus does well in the capitol, it gets moved to Santiago (and usually just a bit cheaper). 

we weren't too sure what to expect, but we piled into a taxi and took off. tickets were 100 pesos cheaper than expected (yay!) and we got there just at the right time - no lines and no crowds.

 there were tons of animatronic dinosaurs throughout the park - they moved and roared and all over entertained. of course, there were some extra "pay" attractions: bounce houses and dino-rides. and the food was super over-priced. but the exhibit was nice, amely really liked it. so did max and zora.

samil was still in the campo, so amely got to have fun by herself
this time around.

she weasled her way into a dino-ride (without
a ticket) but by the end was freaking out.
(it didn't stop from wiling another ride out of the
poor teenage boy running the thing...)

look at zora ride!

the kids got free "dino" brand cookies. and their picture taken,


Elaine said...

Love your stories Mel...

Erin said...

Looks like fun!!