Thursday, February 21, 2008

long day.

i work in an english institute on tuesdays and thursday. i've been working there for two years now and i love my job. when samil was born, i was going to leave because i didn't have anyone to take care of him for me. so, we made an agreement that he could go to class with me. he has a playpen and my students - mostly teenage girls, but even my three boys LOVE him - he mostly plays and sleeps... and before and between classes he gets a lot of love.

some parents were concerned that he'd be a distraction - maybe he was in the beginning but the kids are used to him now. they were also concerned that i'd miss a lot of class due to samil's non-consumption of baby formula and because he doesn't have a permanent babysitter. that i will miss class because of samil. i'm both proud of myself and sad for my baby. proud that we've made it to school every class since he was 1 month old (i didn't really take maternity leave) and sad that my baby is not feeling good.

it'll be over soon, hopefully.
afterall, it is just his first tooth.

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simplicity said...

I love that you get to bring him with you.

Way to go healthy boy! Feel better soon!