Thursday, February 14, 2008

bag check.

all the stores - even the small boutiques - have this fantastic bag-check system. i'm sure that it was implemented more to prevent shoplifting than for my convenience, but seriously,

there's this great grocery/department store on the exact corner of my bus stop called el encanto. when i taught in the city, i would abuse the system. between classes, i would do my shopping, bag my groceries and on my way out of the store i would check my bags. no lie. i'd come back to get them when my last class was over. even now, if i have time to kill - like if i 'm in the city getting photocopies, the bane of my existence, or picking up something from the used book store - i'll drop off my notebooks and hurry along to take advantage of having two hands.

i never really thought about it. the cost of living here is expensive, with a 16% salestax on everything - big stores have the most inflated prices. especially after the storms that left the country with almost.nothing agriculturally. it's better to shop at small, familyowned stores to avoid middle-men and even still fresh produce and quality meat is hard to come by.

at least at prices we can afford

so, all that said. i take advantage of the system because they charge me an-arm-and-a-leg.

yesterday, however, i went to the city with cara. we hit "Green Wednesday" - all produce 35%off - at one store, hopped in public transportation to the city and dropped our bags off at el encanto. i, of course, didn't think twice. we walked out, heading to the copy shop, bank and lunchspot.

cara however, seemed a little wary of tricking the store. she asked a billion questions and then, cara looks at me. "i feel like i just stole something."

am i a bad person because i felt and still feel no regret?

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