Sunday, February 24, 2008

samil's super sunday.

samil has been slithering around for awhile now but he's so in love with the camera that i never really can capture him. as soon as he sees the lense, he forgets everything else and starts cheesin'... finally today, after lots of prodding we were able to get this short little video.

in january my friend cara and i began advertising for our english classes. this past week we had to open two more classes because of the demand. my dream is to someday have a learning center here in santiago that offers english classes, pre-school or day-care, homework center, tutoring and some other things. the classes that we're offering in our homes is like a test-run. i'm really excited about how popular they are and how much response we're getting. we only advertised in 2 areas and seriously hung up maybe 25 posters total.

samil and i went to a softball game yesterday to cheer on Papa Disla who was playing with a team of teachers against the team from the teachers hospital where samil was born. it was an exciting match, and we even got invited to the team dinner afterward.

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Buki Family said...

i love the videos. i need to figure out how to do it too