Sunday, February 17, 2008

peanut, peanut butter and... apples?

amalio was in the supermarket on saturday night and he saw a student we both taught in the episcopal school. the mom says hello and amalio asked the little boy if he remembered him.

amalio: hey, buddy, do you remember me?
boy: no. nu-uh.
amalio: do you remember melanie?
boy: yah. that was my best english teacher.
amalio: she's my wife. (he was probably proud that i was the best).
boy: oh yah. now i remember you... (pause) did you know that your wife is
amalio: oh yah? why?
boy: well... she eats apples with peanut butter. that's gross. see ya later!

i'm choosing to focus on the best teacher part instead of the "she's weird" part.

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