Monday, June 30, 2008

what the?

i noticed that recently i've lost my edge.

sarcasm doesn't really translate well over the internet. or, well, in most forms of writing. nor does anger or even genuine concern. i've struggled with how to get my damn point across without being misread.

but maybe more than that... i've turned into one of "those moms." the ones that can only talk about their kid, not because my kid is the best, but i have nothing else to talk about. ironic, eh?

especially considering i have so much going on.
i quit my job, and sitting in that abyss... the one where i'm not really sure what the hell is going to happen come august. i've been working on some translating gigs and wrapping up my private classes. i've been back on the walking bandwagon. i'm going home - and bought a dress (and reserved a borrowed one justincase) for what could possibly be the most eventful wedding ever...

and to top it off i live in a frickin' tropical paradise. go on vacation? i live in a vacation.

and yet somehow.

here's to making life a little more interesting. and getting my edge back.

1 comment:

samarahz said...

When are you in Philly? I am getting my ticket to NYC today! I will be there August 1-5 or 6.

Any Chance our paths will cross?