Friday, August 22, 2008

clean house.

just some advice for the future...

don't rent an apartment on a dirt road if there are no screens on the windows.

i swear i sweep everyday. sometimes twice a day. and we live in the back of the apartment complex. i really feel for people who live in the front.

we've got nothing in the fridge. nothing. usually we have some condiments, at least. but the black-outs have been longer than normal - sometimes lasting 10 hours at a time, right in the middle of a very hot august. i don't really know what happened to the condiments, because they dont' spoil, at least not as fast as other foods. monday we're supposed to go to the market, but really it depends on how the light looks this weekend. no point stocking up on food that's just going to go bad.

this is normally not a problem - there's a small store just outside the complex that delivers everything we need. it's not the most cost-efficient shopping (but neither is letting everything rot) but my mom gets here on monday and when she sees an empty fridge she thinks we're poor. she and my dad have gotten better at that, but i know it's still worrisome for them. (even if it's not for us).

i've been super productive today and still have a few things to do, hope you enjoyed the pictures yesterday, there probably won't be more until samil's birthday.

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samarahz said...

Oh My Gosh I love that store!

Remember that time we made them bring just diet cokes?

Or the time I ordered like 9 bottles of rum from them... ah, memories.

Maybe you could order enough rum to make sure your mom doesn't notice your fridge- or at least wont remember in the morning...