Friday, August 8, 2008

unfair snobbery.

if you know me well, you know i'm mean when it comes to writing.

while it seems like i read anything - thats really just circumstantial. i've taken to reading a lot more in spanish lately because of the lack of substance in english. i mean, i recently read two "beach" books back-to-back. not that they were bad. it's just not my style.

i'm a little obsessed with paulo coehlo - a brazilian writer. and not so far from being obsessed with gabriel garcia marquez. neither are really new obsessions so much as a rekindled love affair.

that being said. we're trying to limit the tv time around here, because we don't want samil to grow up addicted to law and order like his mommy or spanish soap operas like his papi. so there's a lot more reading going on all around.

and as i've been looking for information on early childhood education, i've become a sucker for blogs about homeschooling (for the ideas, not the actual homeschooling... homeschooling moms tend to be more creative than anything i've found from actual "teachers").

and... well, i'm kind of a snob about what i read. somewhere deep inside of me i don't think that anyone who spells simple things wrong - constantly - should be teaching anyone. i mean... there's a rule for words like "Flies" and "cries"... and it's a simple rule. or, my favorite - plurals. how hard is it to spell witches instead of witchs. seriously?

i know it's not fair. and i try to keep reading, i really do. but not so deep down, i'm a snob.


Melissa said...

Girl, preach it. I hear what you're saying - there a few blogs I really enjoy for different reasons but am aware that they homeschool and am always disappointed that simple grammar seems to be COMPLETELY lost on them. Yikes! Maybe they have a friend they co-teach with who handles the grammar lessons? (IhopeIhopeIhope)

Anonymous said...


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