Tuesday, August 12, 2008

old navy.

i love shopping. who doesn't really? i shop for anything. clothes, kitchen gadgets, accessories for the house, anything.

in fact, most of my vacation was spent in and out of stores eventhough i was almost broke. well, i was broke. but that didn't stop me from checking everything out. and buying some necessary things for the institute, some needed clothes for me and amalio and some little presents for our friends here.

its hard for me to shop in santiago. the clothes sold at reasonable prices are almost always in juniors sizes (you know, the odd numbered ones) and the stores with changing rooms are few and far between. i can't just buy a pair of 13/15 jeans and know they'll fit - especially in junior sizes.

so usually i save up and buy clothes when i head to the states.
i love old navy. i know my size and contrary to shopping here, i can just pick out my size without trying it on and 99% of the time it fits. and i loved old navy even more when they incorporated plus sizes into their actual stores and not just online. i go back and forth - and it really depends on the style of the clothes, but sometimes an XL is just a little too small and the 1x is too big.
(mostly this is due to boobs that are too big and clothes that are made for smaller chested women... even if they are fat)

but old navy was different. their clothes fit. and i loved that fatgirls in general could go to the "normal" store and buy their clothes along with everyone else.

but i went to oldnavy when i was home and, guess what, no plus size section. it was gone. no more fat people allowed at old navy. you'll see them in the supermarket, but the clothes they're wearing? they bought them from a catalogue or online... or somewhere else where "normal" people didn't have to see them.

that bothers me even more than the junior sizes here. because really, why should fatties be relegated to online shopping? are you scared of them?

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Bridget Brennan said...

they did that like 6 months ago or something like that and its crap