Sunday, August 17, 2008


so the neighbor's called a meeting. against the neighbor's association.

i had to teach so i showed up late to the meeting. imagine my surprise when i show up and the same old thief is ranting and raving about all the stuff he's done and what a great man he is. what happened?

well, nobody wanted to knock him down. this small group of neighbors who sits and complains and conspires behind his back didn't have the guts to tell it to his face. i stood up and took over the meeting, only to be verbally attacked by the man's wife and when all was said and done, we're in the same situation.

the thief (as i'll refer to him from here on) turned over the "records" for me. only because i threathened to call the police. normally here that wouldn't be a threat, but thief man knows that we know some of the higher-ups in the police department. the records look like those of a 4th grade student council and not a real adult organization. there are no receipts for anything he's ever told me (for example, how much the employees make, who has paid or hasn't or the supposed purchases of things for the complex) and no real proof of, well, anything.

so, i spent friday on the phone with some lawyers who would be in charge of coming to collect money and pay the bills. they charge 10% of all income, but after the meeting where everyone who swore they were "in this" stayed quiet, i think it's necessary to put this in someone else's hands.

i don't have the time to do it. nor do i have the face to knock on people's doors asking for money. that's not me. and the fact is we're still living without streetlamps or waterpumps. i'm just hoping that the owners of these "condos" - those who actually live here - will get their mess together to get a contract with the electric company soon. if not, we're giving it a month and looking for a house to rent.

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