Friday, September 26, 2008


there's a nasty epidemic of pink-eye floating around the island. so far it hasn't made it's way into our house...

but the kids downstairs have it.
and we've thought about putting a sign on the stairs to tell that mess to stay down there.

and although the conjunctivitis has missed up (so far, knock on wood)... we've been messed up by a nasty cold (samil), kidney infection (amalio) and a sinus infection (me).

we're scraping by, but we know that we'll only get better once samil does... since no one can get better on no sleep. and with samil waking up every hour except when he sleeps in our bed (kicking and punching and biting in his sleep) it's hard to get some shut eye.

so i'll be mia until we get better.
peace out.

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