Wednesday, September 17, 2008

international women's group.

recently i've been trying to get out.

it's hard because eventhough i have friends here, it's hard to find people who can relate to my peculiar situation. cultural nuances, language barriers... sometimes it is just a lot of work to be friends.

and for four years i've dealt with it, with one or two close friends my age and a few older women friends, but since the baby's come along, i've really felt the need to get out there. meet other women who are interculturally married and living here -- with no real intention of leaving.

quite a feat when your kid's not in school, you don't sit around waiting for a pediatrician frequently and ... well, you don't belong to a "club". but i've acquired some dutch students who study in bilingual schools... and by meeting them and their parents, i've been able to widen my circle just a little.

and today, monica dropped off max and invited me to attend a meeting of an international women's group here in santiago! who knew? the invitation came at just the right time, and from just the right person. and after the personal invite, i received the group invite and realized i even know (casually... and some just by name) some of the women. and they're women i like and admire.

i'm excited about it. i'm even willingly leaving samil with a sitter... and not for me to go to work!
i'll be sure to post about how it goes -- unless it's mundane and then i won't, because that would be boring.

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Buki Family said...

that sounds great. i just found a french speaking mom playgroup. so exciting!