Sunday, September 7, 2008


when i was little i had, like, chronic ear infections... to the best of my knowledge, i haven't had one since grade school - until now.

and to top it off and make it even more beautiful i've got a wicked cold - and it's raining. which means damp and gross.

luckily it's sunday and amalio is home to take care of samil. it's not 5:42 pm and i finally crawled out of bed.

i wish i had had the initiative to grab the camera. amalio does well when it's him and samil except with the dressing. i don't know if he's color-blind or just oblivious, but i woke up around lunch to samil with a red baseball cap, a blue and white fish printed onesie, khaki shorts and green socks. now, maybe if they had all been bold colors or all pastels i could deal. but nope. i didn't have the heart to say anything since amalio was so proud of getting samil ready all by himself and taking him to the store.

yep, they left the house like that.

and apparently the guy took one look at samil and was like, "huh, melanie's sick, right?"

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