Friday, September 5, 2008

let's get it started...

due to the recent imaginary storms amalio didn't have work these past three days and i've been able to get our house back in order and really get down to business with my new english project.

unfortunately for the school i'm renting from, their enrollment really went down this year. bad for them, pretty good for me as i'll now have my very own class room that i can lock up, leave things of the walls, decorate as i see fit... and not worry about people getting into everything.

so i've been lesson planning, making worksheets and posters and getting ready for the kids. so far i've only got 18 - but i've got faith that we'll grow and soon i'll be writing about hiring my first teacher! i've also been growing with my adult classes here in the house - my adult groups are packed with 10 students (a lot in my small dining room!) and i've got 8 private students and a couple bilingual school kids.

so, while it's been a busy three days - even with amalio home helping out - it's been productive and i feel really good about what i've accomplished. just a little more to go and i'll be ready for the first real day of classes on monday :)

happy quality friday!


Melissa said...

How exciting! Good luck. :)

Daniel said...

now we're getting the storm instead. 4-7 inches of rain tomorrow.