Friday, March 20, 2009


for some reason a lot of people here are surprised that samil is with me all.the.time. i take him to the doctor's, i take him to the store... he even goes to school with me (though, there, he has a babysitter) and he's with me when i teach in the house. it's not so much that i want or need to take him everywhere - and believe me, there are times i'd rather leave him - but for various reasons, we can't just leave him anywhere. neither of us have family in santiago - so no quick trips to grandma or aunty for the day. and our neighbors all work and leave their kids with nannies. and, well, the nannies around here would take him, but they're nuts and i wouldn't risk my child's safety or well-being by leaving him. there are a few people we can count on but i don't like to take advantage and only leave him when it's absolutely necessary. and in emergencies, he just goes to school with amalio and the kids have a free-for-all spoiling him.

anyway. when samil is with me and im teaching, he has his own little "classes" to do - coloring, playing with blocks, puzzles... special toys meant only for "school-time" . Sometimes he sits in his chair at the table but mostly he has his little chair and table next to us.
we got this chair for $100 pesos (about 3 dollars) a few weeks ago. it was unfinished so i painted it and samil l.o.v.e.s. it.

he takes his work very seriously.

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