Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a day off from being mom?

even though it was completely my idea to not return to a formal job so i could raise my own kids, and completely my decision not to put samil into "school" there are days that i just want to shoot myself in the foot.

you know, the nights where the neighbor's newborn keeps us all awake with her incessant screaming? (seriously, crying-it-out is not meant for people who live thisclose to their neighbors, and especially not when it's taking longer than two weeks to get her to stop crying, but i digress). and the days when samil won't nap and i have a to-do list as long as i am tall?

my brother-in-law lives with us and helps as much as he can, and recently his boss decided to change his day off to wednesday instead of saturday. great for me, because he wants to learn to cook so he takes over lunch duty and he's usually pretty good about helping with samil.

amalio helps, too, dont' get me wrong. but he works 6 full days a week and by the time he gets home sometimes, samil is already asleep.

last night was one of those nights. i think we're on day 13 of neighbor baby's crying-it-out experiment and our fan, that usually covers most of the screaming, is in the shop. not even earplugs helped. and this morning i had a surprise student show up at 8am. i tried to sleep after i kicked her out but someone decided it'd be fun to give their kid a really obnoxious musical toy that only plays jingle bells over and over and over again.

so, when amalio called and invited his brother to the zoo and pool with his kids (i wasn't invited because i have class this afternoon at school) i was pretty pissed. take my only help on the most tired day of my life? no way.

what a great surprise to find out that they planned to take samil, too. came home and packed up his stuff. a pretty hilarious pool bag that i had to fix before they left (no swimming diapers, but three cloth diapers and the smallest and largest bathing suits samil owns, i don't even know where they found them). i blew up samil's float and sent them on their way.

i'm about to head to my bed for a nice two hour nap before my classes, i'm forgetting about the to-do list and taking care of me!

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Buki Family said...

those moments are so nice, arnt they!