Tuesday, March 24, 2009

god's design.

i get a little frustrated when i read arguments about new technology, innovations and such that are the best thing for us. mostly when they have to do with pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing.

right now there is this article floating around about how breastfeeding is not the best thing for babies. well, for mommies.

and despite my c-section, i am very much a supporter of natural birth. you know, pushing a baby out. i know i've never done it, but samil lived in my belly for nearly 42 weeks waiting for his chance. luckily, c-sections existed or we might not have him - but the point is, i didn't make an appointment to avoid the inconvenience of birth.

and so, i wonder a lot about this onslaught of anti-breastfeeding and pro-c-sections and implanting 12 babies into a woman's uterus. what happened to believing that we were made in god's image? the belief that his design is perfect? how can anything we make be better than what He made?

and i don't say that to mean that women should only exclusively breastfeed, that c-sections are unnecessary or that AI is bad. i just think that when the things that are natural are replaced by our inventions, we can't possibly be doing something better.

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