Tuesday, March 24, 2009

cleaning lady. **updated**

i just hired a lady to come clean my house one day a week.

i know to some people it's a luxury, but at this point in our life, it's kind of a necessity. keeping house here is a lot different than keeping house in, say, philadelphia. we live on a dirt road next to a farm. we don't have screens on any window and i swear, every piece of dirt on earth enters here. and don't forget all those students who track in the dirt from said dirt road.

i just don't have time.

but this lady just got here and already is driving me crazy. i don't think she'll last very long. i just can't handle stupidity. i'd rather a dirty house.

she's been here an hour and already has told me three times that i should put shoes on samil's feet. walked away from me when i was explaining where we keep the cleaning products and how we use them and threw water against my wall in an attempt to clean crayon from them. even after i told her that we don't throw water (most dominicans do).

i had plans to leave and let her do her thing, but it's pouring rain.
and samil just went to sleep.

all of this while the crazy nanny from upstairs has knocked on the door three times to ask if i would call the bodega and get her some bleach. because, well, they hate her and won't send her a delivery in the rain.


i would go take a nap, too, but she's in there trying to figure out how to dust with pledge...

after all that, i had to tell her not to come back next week. she didn't dust anything, the windows on the balcony doors still have fingerprints all over them and there are cobwebs in the corners... the worst part though is that she did nothing in the kitchen. absolutely NOTHING. well, she mopped the floor, but nothing else.

gotta start the search again.


Melissa said...

If you pay for my airfare and let me crash at your place, I won't charge for a complete, all-out cleaning job. ;)

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