Saturday, March 10, 2012

the beach. in february. be jealous.

look at that joy. these kids l.o.v.e. the beach. which is a miracle, because not so long ago, samil hated the beach so much that he wouldn't even look at it. 
no exaggeration. he didn't want sand touching his little toes or that dirty water lapping against his legs. and once, i carried him into the ocean - and had this been the united states, every nosy-nelly on the beach would have called the cops to report a murder in progres..
but, oh, he loves the beach. we went in december with friends. at first he sat a watched as everyone else enjoyed this very same beach - until he got so jealous that he stripped down to his little underoos and ran in, too. 

the last weekend in february, the dominican republic celebrates independence day. usually a national holiday means sardines-in-a-can effect at beaches all along the north coast, but since carnaval happens at the same time, it's a pretty nice time to hit the beach. besides. it's the beach. in february.
we've got the little extra that amalio's family lives 20 minutes from two beautiful, kid friendly beaches (not to mention the waterfalls and natural, river swimming holes nearby), so we can go to the beach and not have to pay for a hotel. we often drag (ha!) friends along for the ride. it was only two weeks ago, but i'm already feeling the need for another beach vacation.

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