Sunday, March 4, 2012

my belly hurts.

this weekend we had big plans. a date night to see the newest domincan-made movie "el rey de najayo", a trip to the park on sunday and maybe even visiting with some friends along the way. on friday night, my friend came over and we crafted. it was fun and relaxing and even samil helped.

we went to bed, and as normal, amely snuck in, snuggling between us in the early morning hours. amely is not easy to sleep with, and most of the time i just get up and leave. it's been futile so far to take her back to her bed - she just comes back. and i'm a witch without sleep.

shortly after i left i hear crying. whimpering, really. so i went to find out what happened - only to find amely, amalio and the bed covered in throw up. amalio bathes her down while i strip the bed and do the best i can to make it sleepable again. amely, being the princess she is, decides she can't possibly sleep in that bed with the throw up and relocates.

to her uncles (empty) bed. where she promptly begins to vomit again. i know, fun, right?

by the morning i had three sets of sheets and a pile of towels to wash. and while you probably thought this post was about amely's stomach ailments, it's not. it's about how hard it is to wash sheets and towels in a double-drum washing machine.

this isn't our machine (for some reason blogger and/or my internet connection are conspiring to not let me post pictures right now) but it's similar. two tanks - the one of the left gets filled with water and on the right is a spinner.

most of these washers have a hose attachment so you could, theoretically, just attach the hose to the sink and it'll fill up - except i've never seen a sink that is small enough for the hose that comes with the washer. so, mostly, you fill it up with buckets, throw in the clothes and wait for the "wash" cycle to finish. once it's through, you hand wring the clothes and transfer them to either another basin of water to rinse, or throw them on the floor and refill the washer. after they're rinsed, you wring again and put them in the spinner to dry.

i have a regular maytag, but it's been out of service for a month or two and i'm just too plain lazy to find someone to fix it. and really, this isn't so bad most of the time - it's time consuming, but it's relaxing in the mind-numbing way that most household chores can be.

i filled the sucker up five times yesterday to wash - it seemed like every time i thought i was finished, amely would spew forth and send me back to the bathroom to wash.

needless to say, i haven't seen the movie yet and we didn't go to the park.
maybe next week.

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