Saturday, March 31, 2012

santiago b-ball tournament (and some b-boys, too)

who even knew there was a professional ball league in santiago?

not me.

so when amalio called a few nights ago and asked if the kids wanted to go to the santiago tournament, i quick-changed them and headed out the door. we arrived just in time to storm the door with 75 of amalio's students. excited to see what it was all about, i was pretty disappointed that the entire arena was empty.

seriously there were maybe 100 people in the place, and 75 of them were... us.

the game started out slow, but by the end it was super-exciting and the place had filled up. apparently the game we had come to see was just the first of three games that night - and between the two bottom ranking teams. no wonder the place was empty.

i wasn't impressed with the game - even these kids playing on the street corner near our house played better - at least more enthusiastically. samil was so impressed that he fell asleep in his chair, and while amely was a little whiny, she found our friend rovinson and took off with him once the music started.

and that's what impressed me (and amely). not the music, but the dancers who came out between games.

a local rapper was performing - horribly - and his back up break dancers were disorganized and uncoreographed. even still, their moves were captivating and impressive. in a country where dance classes are expensive and overrated, and gymnastics classes for boys are unheard of,  i'm always excited to see kids who have honed their skills and show dedication to their art.

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