Tuesday, March 6, 2012

oh my sweet addiction.

a few months ago i found pinterest. oh, sweet pinterest. fount of beautiful inspiration and creativity.

i pinned and pinned and pinned some more. when we went to philly in december, i had grand plans to pick up these things that i absolutely needed to make wonderfully inspiring pieces of art and delicious home cooked meals.

and of course, i didn't.

and when i returned to santiago and was thrown for a loop with an insane, new work requirement that left me sitting in the teacher's lounge for 4 hours twice a week, i continued to pin. because what else can i do for four hours twice a week?

while i stewed in resentment over my crazy work schedule and stressed and began to lose hair (yes, it's true), i realized i needed to just relax. and take it easy. and go with the flow.

all characteristics that nobody would ever really apply to me.

i started by disconnecting my my IV drip of coffee and coca-cola and by finding more useful things to do with my four free hours. like, tutoring some of my slower students and reading the newspaper.

slowly, i felt less angry. and then, one day, i realized i needed more creativity. and while pinning pins on pinterest made me feel creative-minded, it didn't make me feel accomplished or happy while actually crafting and cooking do make me accomplished and happy.

so, with absolutely no idea where to start, i decided to start actually trying some of these ingenious ideas i've so laboriously pinned onto my pinterest site. i made a special folder just for things i've done - to keep me in check - less time on the computer, and more time actually doing something worthwhile.

on friday, a coworker came over and we tried our hand at coiled paper bowls. i think that for a first-try they turned out quite cute, thankyouverymuch. i've got a list of things to do this week with the kids that are simple and so darn cute.

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Erin said...

I'm obsessed with Pinterest! Sooo many good ideas all in one place! If only I could get paid to stay home and play on it all day!