Sunday, April 15, 2012

thirty, thirty.

on may 12th i will celebrate my 30th birthday.

that's right, 30 years on this beautiful earth. since i've decided to stay 30 for a few years, i also decided to use my total allotment of celebrations.

it's a big year - the year when kids think you're "really" old and when old people think you're still "really" young. i get told all the time what a baby i am. and how old i am. depending on the audience.

the fiesta started friday night- a girl's night out for dinner and it was nice. really nice. i am so blessed to have found friends that are solid and true... and fun! the party continues with some trips to visit friends around the country, then two big barbecues in may.

i have a list of things i want to accomplish in my thirtieth year (that i'll post on my birthday).

here's to birthdays to celebrate, family and friends to celebrate with!

1 comment:

bobbie rose said...

i want to see your list now! i've been thinking of making my own, and visiting you would be on it :)