Sunday, April 22, 2012

not boobies, sitll outrageous.

i was in the supermarket just the other day, picking up a few things after work. i almost never really shop in this supermarket, and so i never have any real need to enter into the diaper/baby food/toilet paper/tissue aisle. i usually breeze right past and don't even think twice.

except, i needed some baby wipes to take along on our bus trip to the campo this weekend and turned into the aisle.

remember the outrageous boobies on these mannequins in the city? i guess this store decided they couldn't be shown up by hard nipples on a hot day, and stuff the pants of this geriatric diaper model!

i looked once and thought i was mistaken. afterall, there is no good reason for stuffing the crotch of leak-free panties. but, alas, my eyes were not playing a trick on me. so, then i thought, maybe the diapers bunches poorly in the front? and if that is the case, why would i want to use them? i don't want people to know about my incontinence.

so, me being me, i touched it. and then opened and looked inside, and sure enough the pants were stuffed.

maybe if they stuff it just right, more men will be convinced to buy it thinking it will make them look bigger? i'm not sure. to me it's just a little ridiculous!

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