Monday, April 2, 2012


i had a woman approach me once about private english classes. she had met her "boyfriend" over the internet and he wanted to "invest" money in her english language progress. i could barely take her seriously though - i'm an internet-love skeptic, especially when it comes to dominicanas and... well, i couldn't look at her because her breasts were so large i thought she might fall over.

no, seriously.
they were fake, and they must have been a size K. or bigger. and on her medium frame, it was just ridiculous.

a lot of women get boob jobs here - and not just the social elite - i've heard stories about how women go into bankruptcy to get the procedure done. and when it comes down to it, they've done it to ensure a better life with a more wealthy partner (read: north american or european).

i could never wrap my head around it. i have big boobs. and they hurt. my back hurts. my bras are not attractive. a college roommate had an even larger chest, and she had some parlor tricks with her boobs that were funny to us - but might have sent more sane ladies running for the hills.

for a long time i wondered just how women even got the idea that the extreme makeover would get them a man. and then, where do they buy shirts to cover those ta-tas?
well, have no fear. this picture should answer both questions for you.

not only are her breasts of non-human barbie-proportion, but it must be a little bit cold in the store front that she's posed in.

and how about this gem of a mannequin? her face is classic party-girl - because, it's not blondes who have more fun, it's big-boobied girls (apparently.)


PBJ said...

Hahahahaha! You totally beat me to this one. Josh & I saw one of these well-endowed ladies at the mall a couple weeks back and were practically rolling on the floor. Epic.

Greg said...

I was in shocked with those maniquies. (Remember). hahahaha.
Buen articulo.