Tuesday, April 24, 2012

color del campo

i spent the weekend in the campo with the kids - we didn't really do much besides visit (and i did a lot of reading/planning). i don't have a great camera - in fact, i usually use my blackberry's built-in, but here are some pictures just of the color. i love the countryside and small villages throughout the country. simple lifestyle, laid-back. i couldn't do it full-time, but it's a great break from my "real life".


Chris Kelley said...

Great pictures! But you've got it backwards -- Campo life is real life! Amillion years ago I lived in a campo just like that. Your pics bring back memories. Thanks. Chris Kelley - Framingham.

melanie. said...

Chris - a break from "my" real life- this is the real life of my husband's family, not mine. we live in the city and as much as i like visiting, i don't think this could be MY real life - the day to day is hard and (in this specific campo) too many "necessities" are missing for me, like indoor plumbing and a fair amount of electricity. where are you from? i saw you other comment and have been meaning to ask!

Chris Kelley said...

I am in Boston. I was in the DR in the early 90's as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I lived in Las Cuchillas, a campo outside of El Seibo. It was poor, but the people were the best. I like reading your blog!