Sunday, February 10, 2013

friday night.

it's been awhile since we've gotten out for real. and last week i had made some tentative plans to go bowling with my (i don't know what to call them... bosses? coworkers? friends? all of the above?) and to be completely honest when friday rolled around i was so tired and not really feeling dragging the kids to a bowling alley without amalio. luck would have it that the university he has been subbing at didn't need him this week! so we decided to meet at the alley at 7:30.

the kids loved it. i bowled a 12 or some other terrible score that would embarrass my dad (hi dad!). even amalio who has bowled twice in his life did better than me. i think jewel and "la pastora" won.

this year i adopted the word "share" as my word - and part of that for me, means actually, you know sharing. so we're hoping to get out more to share some fun times with each other, as a family and with friends.


Anonymous said...

where is this bowling place in Santiago?

Anonymous said...

That's OK once you focus your mind with the motion of your body you will become like a Jedi bowler. I'm almost ready to bowl again. It's also good for Samil and Amely

melanie. said...

@anonymous #1: the bowling alley is on the autopista Duarte, across the street from amaprosan.
@anonymous #2 (aka dad, and possibly anonymous #1... and if it was dad who asked about the bowling alley, you've been there. remember we took amalio his first time bowling?) I won't be a jedi bowler. ever.