Tuesday, February 5, 2013


i've been working really hard to find ways to really engage my university students this semester. mostly it's to allow them the opportunity to take initiative with their language learning, but it's also just way more interesting for me as a teacher to facilitate their conversations, than "teach" them what they need to know. (don't get me wrong, we spend a lot of time doing really guided and structured activities... but we're working on branching out).

we had a debate in class this week, where the men had to convince the women that their gender would obviously be much better at traditionally female jobs. and vice versa. they argued that men could be better housekeepers because they can lift and move furniture with ease and that women would be better architects because they have a better eye for style. the nurse should be a man because he could lift heavy patients, and if a woman had to see vomit or poop or blood, she'd pass out.

and one of the girls responded so well that even the boys gave her the point. (use your imagination)


amely has decided that her name is santa. or princess. and sometimes princess santa. she got a princess tutu for christmas and loves to wear it with leg warmers and and tap shoes and dance to gangnam style on amalio's phone. she also loves dembow - a degraded form of spanish rap. horrid stuff. she wiggles her butt and shakes her head.

samil on the other hand has adopted the pelvic thrust dancing combined with fits of giggling.


yesterday and today i was able to help translate for a medical mission group that is here in santiago. i remembered how much i dislike translating for medical operatives, but at the same time was renewed in service. so many times we lose focus, or get discouraged, or feel isolated. this group is so dedicated and has served so many people so far and all with smiles on their faces and a spirit of serving. it was and is what i needed this week and this semester. a little reminder that we're not alone in our heart for this community. but seriously, if one more person begs me for a condom they're never going to use just because their pink, green and blue, i'll poke my own eyes out.


i keep trying to plan an impossible trip to the states. sola. the justice conference in philly is the most attractive to me (because it's the justice conference. with shane claiborne, brenda salter-mcneil and john perkins). and the first weekend in may looks nice because it's a long one here. and there are a few other conferences or events that i just need to be at. unfortunately it's probably not going to happen.

however, we have some pretty high hopes (and solid statistics that back up our hope) that amalio will be granted a tourist visa to visit the states with us this summer. (if you're a pray-er, please pray for this!) and i guess that would be better than travelling by myself.

here's wishing you a less hectic week than the one i'm having!

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Erin said...

You can tell A that the name Princess has already been claimed by yours truly! ;)