Wednesday, February 27, 2013

makin' money!

this semester i took four classes at the university. to be honest, it's been stressful. and long. and i'm really tired. but, i get a paycheck that is excellent, and we have some plans that we'd need some extra money to execute.

the exhaustion is... well, it's exhausting. i crawl into bed at 9pm and pull myself out of bed in the morning. i'm counting down the days until the end, and a much needed break.

but, i'm reminded every single day that i've got it easy. i go to work, sit in an office, walk around, play with kids, do some paperwork, deal with not-always-so-nice people, then go to my next job and teach semi-adults - in air conditioning! and every single day i get to see the fruits of this labor - from kids writing their own names for the first time ever, to my university students preparing amazing, deep and grammatically correct stories.

when i get in a concho and complain that it's hot and uncomfortable i see a man walking down the street, pushing a coconut cart - uphill. or an icecream salesman trying to control a rickshaw - downhill.


construction is pretty antiquated here. i don't know why. i don't really care, because it's pretty cool to watch buildings going up - with twigs and tree branches as support. today, we were playing at the park and i caught this guy - working on a holiday! - using a pulley to lift buckets of cement to his partner on the fifth floor of this new apartment building.
i saw him disappear a few times to refill - on the other side of the building - then connect the bucket and pull. teaching in air conditioning doesn't seem so hard.
toilet paper is a necessity for everyone, yes? luckily, if you happen to run out, chances are someone will walk down the street selling rolls. no lie. and if that isn't a crappy enough job, there is little to no return on toilet paper sales. a tp salesperson might, maybe, quizas make 3 dollars a day. but every morning, they grab the mega packs and start walking. taking a concho to work isnt' so bad anymore.

there are so many things to complain about, but really, i've got it good. i love my job(s). while it's stressful and frustrating at times, it's not backbreaking or low-paying. here's to focusing on the positive!

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