Thursday, February 21, 2013

pollito pio

we've got some new additions to our home - eight new additions to be exact.

see, when we moved into the house this past summer, we divided the chores (amalio takes care of the yard, i take care of the house) and with it came the argument of animals. since amalio got the backyard, he decided he could have chickens. but i couldn't have a dog. he'd be stuck cleaning up the dog poop, and apparently chicken poop's not a big deal.

michael and maikito
i did get the dog, who was stolen from our yard only four months in. i'm still really sad about it. but almost ready to get a new dog. and amalio got some chickens.

for some reason i failed to calculate the baby-making possibilities here, so when i approved 3 chickens, i figured we'd have three chickens.

three have multiplied.. they're like bebe's kids.

mickey (recently eaten by a cat) had three babies that the kids and jewel named henny penny, bambi and brownie. they're now huge, and ready to be eaten. not by cats. by people. and just not in my house. seriously? we gave them names.

michael (named after michael jackson before i knew she was a hen) hatched an egg about three weeks ago. samil christened her baby maikito. he's not that original. it's like calling the baby mikey, but in spanish.

chicken-chicken and her chickies
and just three days ago, chicken-chicken got herself eight babies. soon after the chickies were dry, amely informed us that chicken-chicken talked to her and told her all those babies were for amely to name. she hasn't thought of one single name yet.

chicken-chicken and henry (the rooster and proud pop to all those babies) are a super small breed of chickens, so the chick-a-dees are seriously the size of ping pong balls.

any suggestions for the baby names? leave some comments and help amely out!

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