Thursday, June 13, 2013

a summer-time tour of sorts.

girlinthedr - that's me! - will be in the great united states of america this summer! i was just in the states in may for a whirlwind tour of the east coast (that i've been meaning to blog about, but just haven't gotten there - sorry folks. it was short, it was sweet. it was amazing.)

anyway. i will be in the US of A for about three weeks at the beginning of august and am hoping to make the mid-west tour while we're there.

we have a ton of projects happening at Futuro Lleno de Esperanza and Poderosa Mujer - like traditional school, full day care, a jewelry program, prenatal classes (with Midwives for the Dominican Republic) - and part of the objective of this trip is to find groups, churches and friends to speak to. i'll have jewelry from PM and some goodies from the DR for sale and i've been in discussion with a few NGOs who might be able to help us take donations with a non-profit receipt for tax purposes.

you, loyal blog readers, can help!

do you have connections in your church to hook up some presentation time? belong to a book club that might be interested in hearing about our ministries? a small group, prayer group, wine-tasting club? know fellow crafters who would love to support crafters in the DR to support their families? like to host a baby shower to help women welcome their babies home?
it's a plea.
let me know - melanie512 @ gmail . com so we can make a schedule.
i already love you.


Anonymous said...

Depends when and where. Expectations, etc. Maybe go to NP Covenant Church?

melanie. said...

liza - i'll be stateside for the first three weeks of august. midwest is kind of flexible, but i think second weekish of august. we're just looking to get the name of the ministry out, maybe sell some jewelry and dominican goods. but mostly getting name out for possible: a) short term mission groups, b) longer-term missionary opportunities, c) commercial opportunities for the PM jewelry ladies and d) prayer. when will you be back?