Monday, June 17, 2013

spring cleaning.

every year i try to go through the house at least once and purge. i did it, kind of, a few weeks ago. but i was so busy and didn't really have enough time to do it right. so, recently i've been finding things that need to go. i had bagged up old toys for redistribution - i mean, come on, my youngest is four - what do i still need a boppy cover for? or a rattle neither of the kids ever played with? somehow, though, those toys that were in bags, mysteriously ended up back in toy boxes and i have to start over again.

i struggle with giving things away... and even using things we have. for two different reasons.
the first. we live on an island. and things are really expensive here. so, if i get some really cool scrapbook paper, i'm hard bent to use it because... what if, in the future, the undefined future... i really have something i need just this piece of paper for. and if i use it today, then i won't have it. and i'll have nowhere to buy, save a trip to the states. see? i've gotten better. my craft bin is actually quite bare lately, and that's okay.

and this spills over into other areas as well. it's been a constant struggle with myself to give teachers materials that i know that they don't know how to use. that the kids can't appreciate (because they haven't seen it yet to learn appreciation) because, well, when they know how to use it, then they can have it. which is absolutely ridiclous, right? how can they learn, if i don't give it to them?

and then, i have a really hard time giving things away because i struggle (a lot) with what that means for the person receiving from us. i've discussed that in length on the blog before, but it still resonates pretty deep. giving, even in its simplest form - hand-me-down clothes and toys - can create problems.

this morning i began to tackle my bedroom. i got rid of a bunch of clothes and some shoes that i don't wear. they're sitting by the door and my closet it pretty clean. hidden in the junk, i found some old pictures, a few pesos and stash of craft supplies that i probably had been hiding for another day. but i just watched my students give three distinct presentations on seizing the day - each focused on the words of amazing people. so.

today, when i get home from school, we're going to use those craft supplies. because, there is no better day than today.

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