Sunday, June 9, 2013

are my pants too tight?

dominican fashion is ... interesting. it's very similar to what is popular in the united states - on tv and in magazines - but, despite the latina body-shape not being very similar to white-girl body-shape, clothes are sold only in junior sizes in cuts that are only flattering to people with little to no butts or thighs. if you know j-lo, you know that forever 21 and journey styles just don't really cut it.

and. while most stores have changing rooms, i'm not sure that i've ever seen one used to try on clothes. pants are measured by wrapping the waist around your neck, if it fits your neck, then you buy them. shirts are short and tight.

very tight.
and because the pants are usually the wrong size, they tend to be very tight as well.

the other day, when jewel and i went to the supermarket/superstore, we saw the staff trying to fit a pair of jeans on a mannequin's legs. we stood and stared - i am not above being the ridiculous gawker. then i quick stole her phone to snap some pictures. the process of fitting the jeans might have taken 10 minutes and it involved at least six store employees.

i'm sure there was probably a pair of jean just one size bigger that would have fit the mannequin perfectly, but that would have been too easy.

just another day in the dominican republic.

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PBJ said...

I LOVE this post. Wish I'd been there to gawk with you. I might have jumped in to grope the mannequin too.