Sunday, June 16, 2013

and the year is over.

it's been an amazing, intense year. we jumped from 24 students to 96 seemingly overnight.
it's been a learning journey - with a huge learning curve. every single one of the problems that i was absolutely sure we'd encounter didn't even touch the radar - and every single thing i had never fathomed blew the radar up.
on a daily basis.

we dealt with organizational issues and cultural lack-of-understanding and just plain teaching problems. 
it was stressful. for real.
but it was fun. and it was enriching and i think i'll do it again.
this past saturday was kindergarten graduation. and by 3:59pm, i was swearing i would never do it again. so much stress, so much chaos. so much insanity.

but these faces.
so worth it. 

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