Thursday, November 1, 2007

about, oh, i don't know... three years ago, the city government tore up our road with every good intention of fixing it. (they never said WHEN they were going to fix it). at the beginning of this year, the work began with all of five men and a pickaxe. At that rate, it's obvious why the road still wasn't complete when NOEL hit us.

With the exception of our attempted trip to the consulate on Tuesday, we weren't able to leave the house on foot or in car until Wednesday afternoon... and on Tuesday the taxi had to pick us up three blocks away to avoid getting stuck in the mud.

The only cars that can get by this end of the road are trucks. Like the RICA truck and that red jeep, and they even have problems.

There are a fair number of big holes in the road just like this one, that I assume are something like a gutter leading to sewer pipes, but I'm just a girl - what do I know about those things? I could be wrong.

The red flag is "marking" the hole for drivers... however there's another even bigger hole filledwith water on the other side of the road that's not marked.

I'm actually excited about this city project getting finished because we are unable to leave the apartment anytime it rains more than a drizzle. I took these pictures on Thursday and the road was already fairly dry thanks to the new sewer pipes. In the past we would last a week with stagnant water and tons of mud.
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