Thursday, November 29, 2007

a day in the life...

so, we went to the supermarket last night with samil. we've been in and out of there with him various times since he was born, but this was the first time we went to make a serious purchase with him.

we found one of those carts with the baby seat attached and got samil as comfortable as possible in a hard plastic seat and headed out.

if i had to choose the one thing that most bothers me, it is when people give me unsolicited advice. from family and friends - i deal, but when random people stop me on the street to tell me things i get a little pissed off. especially when they tell me things that make absolutely no sense, predict some horrible fate for my son or when they try to touch him to "remedy" the problem.

so, we're in the supermarket. some women just stared at us. Samil's a hottie, of course people stare. but this one woman comes up to us and says, "you know, that baby seat will deform his back." thanks, crazy. and then another, "those seats are horrible for baby, why don't you carry him?"

seriously now. i've been told the same about my stroller, the snuggli, and a car seat. if these items were going to DEFORM my child, do you really think they'd sell millions each year? since i've never had a baby in the states, i'm not going to mark this off to "dominican" b.s. i imagine that strangers say ridiculous things every where in the world.

here are some things i've been told:

-- you have to bathe the baby twice a day and with cold water WHAT? Samil hates to take a bath even ONCE a day, let alone with cold water!
-- baby carriers will deform the spine
-- baby's head must always be straight, otherwise their head will be stuck sideways (or in whatever "non-straight" position it was in)... you know, an offshoot of "don't make ugly faces or it'll stick"
-- the baby swing just makes babies dizzy and can mess up their brain. what?
there are some other things too, like i should give samil formula because if something ever happens to his "milk supply" he needs to be "trained" for other milk, otherwise he will starve, we should never put samil in the bed with us -- even when it's freezing cold and we live in a country where heating is non-existant (not worth the effort, it's cold for like 3 weeks a year), nobody should be allowed to carry samil when he is sleeping because then he'll never sleep on his own (i have a champion sleeper and he very often sleeps in arms).
i just hope i don't turn into one of those mom's that has irrelevant, unsolicited advice for other mamas.

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