Monday, November 5, 2007

Meeting Papa

Samil met his extended paternal family this weekend. Of course, Papa, Amalio's dad, was so excited to meet his fith grandbaby... and although he looks like a hardass in the first photo, he was even more excited to get a picture with all of them. We'll have to take another picture soon because my sister-in-law Caroline is five months pregnant. The trip to the "campo" in Cabrera was relaxing - a welcome change after my weeklong battle with the State Department. We took Samil to the beach and to "La Virgen de la Piedra," the Dominicans claim to fame as far as colonial catholicism goes. The story goes that the Virgin Mary "appeared" in the rock in a cave and that during spiritual time the rock "sweats" holy water in a "cave within the cave". Devout catholics travel from all over the country to pray in the chapel. Not something I really buy, but since it's close to the house we always take our tourist friends to see it.

Here are some pictures of Papa:

In front of the farming pasture with all 5 grandkids (clockwise: Reydi, Samil, Eddylee, Josue & Suheidy)

Papa with a sleepy Samil

My favorite picture of Papa playing with Samil during his diaper change.

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Daniel said...

where are the pictures?
i can't believe you took him to the virgin... are you nuts or something?
love the picture of the three kids, very cute...