Monday, November 26, 2007

is it really almost 2008?

i turned 25 in may. 1/4 century old.
having all of the time in the world on my hands, i began to think of all the funny things i've done in 25 years. for lack of nothing better to do with my time... (i'm really just a super procrastinator)... here it is.

1. we went to an amusement park almost every summer that i can remember.
2. and we camped. mostly at the KOA Hershey.
3. i used to cry because i was too small for the roller coasters.
4. i first visited chicago the summer after 8th grade.
5. as a family, we went to disney world the summer after 7th grade.
6. i wasn't impressed.
7. during college i worked in youth ministry for an episcopal diocese in florida.
8. i also worked at their summer camp.
9. i went to CSC camp every summer from 4th grade on.
10. i worked there for two summers.
11. some of my best friends are from CSC. i miss it.
12. i also worked at a camp called ELMO.
13. my first summer there, this boy spent a lot of time hiding in our cabin. once, he had to cover himself in mud and army crawl back to his cabin to avoid getting caught.
14. he always got caught.
15. he drove a green convertible and my little sister loved him.
16. my family adopted my sister after her dad died.
17. next summer she'll turn 18. amazing.
18. i learned how to ski because of a tragic incident in our family.
19. we have a special "mountain skiing" song by a band called bullet.
20. the singer of bullet has a "special" piercing that i learned about at a young age.
21. we met the band bullet at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.
22. we went to the folk fest every summer for a long time.
23. after we gave up on the folk fest, we went to the gettysburg bluegrass festival.
24. i was the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper two years in a row.
25. we won a lot of awards.
26. i used to write really mean comments on people's crappy writing.
27. i appreciate good writing. i think i'm a good writer.
28. i've contemplated writing a book.
29. i studied abroad in mexico. it changed my life.
30. three of my closest friends live in mexico. i haven't seen them in forever.
31. that's why i love the internet.
32. on a mission trip to guatemala, i decided i would never be a foreign service missionary.
33. one year later, i became a "volunteer missionary" through the episcopal church.
34. i taught english, french, science and math in an elementary school.
35. that's where i met my husband.
36. in high school i was always in the school play/musical. junior and senior year i was the lead.
37. i like drama.
38. i lived with the same person for 3 years of college.
39. i'm not an easy person to live with.
40. we used to drink a lot. our college had a dry campus. it was sneaky drinking.
41. me and jae once climbed into the boys dorm window and almost got caught jumping back out.
42. there was frequent sneaking in through the back window to said boys dorm - no climbing necessary.
43. i cherish my college girl friends.
44. i had a neighbor whose name i didn't know for a long time - i called him neighbor. he called me philly. he was a good friend.
45. i knew a boy named stonewall. we went bowling together.
46. at all boys summer camps, the boys pee wherever they want. it's gross.
47. once, in england, i got in trouble for being late to the bus. the teachers were yelling at me for being slow and david was yelling at me for "listening to The Man"
48. Devin, who was in England with me, moved back to GB. i'm jealous. now she's engaged.
49. at camp on summer david let us dress him up as a Spice Girl. there was a lot of tape involved in his mini-skirt.
50. erin and i taught the male counselors to shake their hips. they were british and australian - i don't think there was any hope. but it was a good laugh.
51. that same summer, my brother and his friends stole all of me and dave's clothes, put them in a rowboat and anchored it in the middle of the lake.
52. me and dave had revenge. don't worry.
53. i celebrated my 21st birthday waaaay after my birthday.
54. i celebrated jae's 21st birthday in New York City.
55. I missed Ashley's 21st birthday celebration because I was pregnant (but it's okay, Ashley couldn't celebrate on her 21st becuase SHE was pregnant)
56. i moved permanently to the Dominican Republic in 2006.
57. i married amalio on april 9th, 2006.
58. on december 20th, i told amalio that i was pregnant.
59. i gave birth to my son on august 29th, 2007. i had a c-section.
60. i am currently writing a grammar book for EFL students and a pre-school curriculum for EFL students.
61. i love to celebrate american holidays. how patriotic?
62. i have seen more of the Dominican than most dominicans.
63. i am currently working with a neighbor to raise funds for a playground in our apartment complex.
64. i walk every morning with a different neighbor.
65. cara and emily make me happy to have american neighbors and friends. creepy skeevy american guy neighbor embarasses me.
66. for a long time we washed our clothes by hand, then in a japanese style washing machine and finally my parents bought us an automatic machine (for which we are forever grateful).
67. all of my clothes are dried on the line. even the undies.
68. i'm a procrastinator...

that's what i've come up with. it's supposed to be 100 things about me. but really. that's too much. 62 is perfect. besides, i have things i really should be doing -- like working on those curriculums and books.

have a happy week!

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