Sunday, March 2, 2008


i can't say that i missed a week of blogging because i'm been so busy. it's just not true. i had a lot of things happening this past week, but nothing out of the ordinary or beyond normal capacity. i guess it just wasn't anything to write home about - taking care of samil, clearning, teaching. i did have a really long meeting with my boss on thursday that in the end helped me feel a lot better about staying in the language center at least until june. then we'll see what happens.

since we moved into our apartment i've wan ted to paint the crownmolding but i never got around to it. last night i pulled out the paintbrushes and did the living room and hallway. i've got to touch it up and this week paint the dirtydirty walls, but i think it looks nice. its hard to diy here because we don't have many tools - well, really we've got some screwdrivers and a drill, so we can do some stuff, but we don't

samil and i just got home from the most boring "family day" ever where we left amalio because he was "working"... i had an interesting conversation with his co-worker that began like this:
"i'd like to marry a foreigner"
"ummm... ok."
"well, yah, i need a man who respects me for being independent"
"ummmmm... OK"
"i mean, i've never livedby myself, i live with my parents. and i still follow their rules. but i'm really independent."


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